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The "Chanakya Institution Ranking” is an initiative of the Jha Scientific Research Lab, a research group belonging to the JSR Private limited ,one of the innovative research body in Asia.

JSR is basically a research organization in Asia. The JSR consisted in 2014 having the member of around 200 ++ intellectuals around the world...Read More

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Ranking Chanakya

The main aim of the Institution Ranking is to promote academic information, supporting the Open Access initiatives for increasing significantly the transfer of scientific, Research and the actual information knowledge generated by the universities to the whole Society and Academic outcomes.

Ranking Chanakya

In order to achieve objective, the publication of rankings is one of the most powerful and successful methods for starting and consolidating the processes of change in the academia, increasing the scholars’ commitment and setting up badly needed long term strategies

Ranking Chanakya

CIR is continuously researching for improving the Methodology of ranking, evolving the methods and the weighting model to provide a better classification. It is a shame that a few rankings maintain stability between editions without correcting errors or tuning up indicators.

School Ranking 2018

International & National Level Ranking

We rank Institutions or academic organizations on International & National background irrespective of their global location university affiliations.

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State Level Ranking

It is a ranking based on the state selected by candidate irrespective of universities avalible in the state.

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University Level Ranking

Ranking is based on the current university selected by candidate at the of search.

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City Level Ranking

Will search best colleges & institutions in the city based on our ranking methodology.

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The Chanakya Institute Ranking ( CIR ) is one of the largest academic ranking of Higher Education Institutions and every six months an independent, objective, free, open scientific exercise is performed by the JSR Lab for the providing reliable, multidimensional, updated and useful information about the performance of Institution from all over the world based on their web presence and impact.

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The 1st International Conference for Convergence in Technology (I2CT), Pune was organized in 2014. In this conference we received around 1300 papers from 18 countries across the globe. Total number of participant during conference was 1000 researchers.

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