About JSR

The "Chanakya Institution Ranking” is an initiative of the Jha Scientific Research Lab, a research group belonging to the JSR Private limited ,one of the innovative  research body in Asia.

JSR is basically a research organization in Asia. The JSR consisted in 2014 having the member of around 200 ++ intellectuals around the world.

JSR is attached to the Education and its main objective is to promote scientific research as to improve the progress of the scientific and technological level of the country which will contribute to increase the welfare of the citizens.

JSR also plays an important role in the formation of new researchers and technicians in the different aspects of the science and the technology in India as well Asia.

The organization collaborates with the R&D system  of Indian and Asian Institutions  (universities, autonomous governs, other public and private research organisms) and with social, economic, national or foreign agents to which contributes with its research capacity and human and material resources in the development of research projects or under the form of consultancy and scientific and technical support. 

The laboratory is located at the Jha Scientific Research, This center started during 2014 and originated from the merge in one place of the different centers and institutes devoted to the Social and Humanity Sciences that belongs to the JSR and were located in Pune,India .

The JSR Lab part of the JSR is devoted to the quantitative analysis of the Internet and Web contents specially those related to the processes of generation and scholarly communication of scientific knowledge. This is a new emerging discipline that has been called JSR lab (our team developed and publishes the free electronic journal Asian journal of Convergence in technology (AJCT) since 2014 or asianssr.org